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War of the Five Queens

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Middle Earth Meme: 3 RACES
2) Nazgûl

And one by one, … they fell under the thraldom of the ring that they bore and under the domination of the One, which was Sauron’s. And they became for ever invisible save to him that wore the Ruling Ring, and they entered into the realm of shadows. The Nazgûl were they, the Ringwraiths, the Enemy’s most terrible servants; darkness went with them, and they cried with the voices of death.

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I was born to save the Doctor and the Doctor is safe now.  I’m the impossible girl and my story is done.

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it’s like i’m breaking into a million pieces ,and there is only one thing i can remember: i have to save the doctor

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Sansa was a lady at three, always so courteous and eager to please. She loved nothing so well as tales of knightly valor. Men would say she had my look, but she will grow into a woman far more beautiful than I ever was, you can see that. I often sent away her maid so I could brush her hair myself. She had auburn hair, lighter than mine, and so thick and soft… the red in it would catch the light of the torches and shine like copper.

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Ron Weasley: “He must have known I’d want to leave you.”
Harry Potter: “No, he must have known you would always want to come back.” 

amy pondcolor analysis [insp]

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